Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton


There are two reasons I picked this book up. The first was because it was part of a “buy one get one half price promotion” (not gonna lie, misread that and thought it was buy one get one free – oops). The second was because it came recommended by a work colleague. I liked the premise behind the book. It sounded like an interesting idea and could perhaps be something similar to my own feelings around religion. Although probably closer to agnosticism myself I went to a religiously minded university and liked a lot of what they did – they were big on volunteering for example – so was interested to read what de Botton had to say. There are a few interesting points peppered throughout the book but in all honesty it would probably have made a better essay.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell


The original post for this was a lot longer and significantly more interesting than this one. But wordpress had a brainfart and lost it. So here’s the abridged version. Good book. Interesting stories. Well written. Not convinced by the argument. Not convinced I learned anything I didn’t already know.

Why We Build by Rowan Moore


Something totally different for this book. Architecture. I’ve always been interested in buildings and spaces. I would have liked to have been an architect but sadly I never had the creative or artistic skills necessary. This book is a series of essays really about various points around architecture. Some are more successful than others. Some carry the authors own prejudices more heavily than others. But that variation still makes them interesting and thought provoking. It will make you look at buildings, and the spaces in and around them, in a whole other light.

Once upon a time…

Right then. New Year New Me. That’s how it’s supposed to work right? Well perhaps not quite that dramatic but here goes. The aim of this blog is to help me to keep up with, and record, my resolution to read more in 2013. Specifically to read at least one book a week. So that means that 12 months from now I’ll have read 52 books – or more.

So then, what are the rules? Well it’s not a bet so there aren’t many. They have to be books with words – so colouring books and pop-up books and such like aren’t acceptable. On the other hand though I’m not planning on reading War and Peace every week. The books will be chosen at random as I go through the year and will reflect my own personal tastes. Although I’ll try to vary it a little that means plenty of history and cycling books. The rough aim is one book a week but there may be times when I read a little quicker or a little slower. The end goal is what’s important not so much the pacing of it.

On here I’ll record my progress. I’ll also talk, briefly, about the books I’m reading. Don’t expect a book review site though rather a quick overview.

Okay. Off we go.