Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh


Seven Deadly Sins is David Walsh’s account of his pursuit of Lance Armstrong. It’s a very personal account. At times a far too personal account as Walsh allows his feelings to spill over in to the narrative. It’s part of what the book is all about of course but I preferred the more dispassionate elements to the sections where Walsh allows his feelings to intrude. It’s not an easy story for me, as a cycling fan, to follow. Performance enhancing drugs have been prevalent in the peloton for years but the late 90’s and early 2000’ saw it really explode. Seven Deadly Sins concentrates on Armstrong. But there is so much more to this than just him. So many more people involved at all levels and in all areas. Armstrong was a bad guy of course but in the single minded determination to take him down others have got away with things along the way – the whole host of riders who recently served short term bans during the off season in return for testimony spring to mind. Someday, hopefully, there will be a proper conclusion to all this. And with the benefit of time and distance someone will write the definitive account of this whole era. Walsh’s book is good. But that book will be so much better.

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