The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters


So. it’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. It’s not because I haven’t been reading. Instead I’ve just been a little lax at actually getting around to blogging so here’s the first of a few posts at once. The Chimp Paradox is a book I was really interested to read. As is probably becoming apparent I like cycling and I’ve been reading a lot in magazines and watching in documentaries about what British Cycling and Team Sky have been up to. One person who constantly appears is the team psychologist Dr Steve Peters – he’s the guy who gets this amazing athletes to deal with the pressure and expectation of competition. This book sets out his ideas about how the brain operates. More crucially it talks about how to manage the rational, human side of your brain and the more irrational, emotional, side of your brain – a side he labels your chimp. Overall I thought the book was very interesting and there was certainly some good stuff in there. Understanding and dealing with your emotions rather than attempting to stifle or ignore them. But some of the descriptions got to be too distracting – chimps and humans were one thing – planets, moons, asteroid belts, gremlins, and more were too much. If I didn’t know what he’d achieved I’d probably be put off by all the gimmicks but knowing that this works makes me look at it again. A book that’s worth a second look.

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