Once upon a time…

Right then. New Year New Me. That’s how it’s supposed to work right? Well perhaps not quite that dramatic but here goes. The aim of this blog is to help me to keep up with, and record, my resolution to read more in 2013. Specifically to read at least one book a week. So that means that 12 months from now I’ll have read 52 books – or more.

So then, what are the rules? Well it’s not a bet so there aren’t many. They have to be books with words – so colouring books and pop-up books and such like aren’t acceptable. On the other hand though I’m not planning on reading War and Peace every week. The books will be chosen at random as I go through the year and will reflect my own personal tastes. Although I’ll try to vary it a little that means plenty of history and cycling books. The rough aim is one book a week but there may be times when I read a little quicker or a little slower. The end goal is what’s important not so much the pacing of it.

On here I’ll record my progress. I’ll also talk, briefly, about the books I’m reading. Don’t expect a book review site though rather a quick overview.

Okay. Off we go.

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